About Us

Glenn Miles PhD  (Swansea Uni), PGCE-PCET (Trinity St. David’s), FHEA, ACIEA, MSc. (UCL-CICH) RN-A and RN-C (KCL-Florence Nightingale Faculty), RN (BoN, California, USA), Dip Biblical, Cross-cultural and Pastoral Studies (ANCC), Cert Trop. Med. (LSHTM) has been working on issues around children at risk and vulnerable young adults for the past 25 years. He is a trained child health nurse (RSCN) with graduate training (MSc. MCH University College/Institute of Child Health London) and experience in public health, specifically with children. He has a PhD (University of Wales – Swansea) that focused on Cambodian children’s experiences and understanding of violence and abuse as well as a teaching credential (PGCE-PCET). He currently teaches up to graduate level in child rights and sexual exploitation and doing action research in seminaries and colleges in Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines. He has worked as a lecturer in child safeguarding and child public health in Swansea University and Trinity St. Davids University.  He has developed a number of resources which are available in this website through Tearfund UK, Viva, Chab Dai and Love146. These include the www.good-touch-bad-touch-asia.org flip-chart project and www.youthagainstporn.org

Glenn is currently exploring setting up an NGO that focuses on Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking with a particular focus on boys, young men, transgender and addressing demand. He works as Senior Research Advisor with up! International and also continues to be the Research Advisor for Chab Dai in Cambodia. He previously worked with Love 146 as their Asia Capacity Building Director where he provided support to a range of NGOs working to address sexual exploitation; Borah La-or Pit,  Cambodian Hope Organization, Dton Naam (Thai), Kone Kmeng,  Samabhavana (india), and Urban Light (Thai). He helped to start a number of NGO branches, departments and networks including  Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor, Cambodia (1993), Tearfund UK, Cambodia (2000).EFC Children’s Department, Cambodia (2004), Kone Kmeng, Cambodia (2005), Love146, Cambodia (2009),  He has been on the Advisory and Governance boards of Borah L’Or Pith (Good Real Men), Childline Cambodia, EFC Children’s Department, Epic Arts, Kone Kmeng, OXCAT, Precious Women and Ragamuffin. He is currently involved in oversight of a multi-site research study looking at vulnerability and resilience factors with sexually exploited young men and transgender in Cambodia, India, Thailand and the Philippines. If funding is available he would like to do research into sexual exploitation of ethnic minorities and the disabled including the deaf as well as expanding to other Asian locations. He is co-editor of a two volume series by Regnum, The first published in 2014 called ‘Stopping the Traffick: A Christian Response to Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking’ and the second, ‘Making our way through the Traffick’ in 2017. He has presented his research at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Cambodia, the Senate in Phnom Penh, Capitol Hill in Washington DC, the Houses of Parliament in the UK and is a regular presenter at ICAP conferences. He helped to start a small safe space in the heart of the red light area in Phnom Penh – the Message Parlour-  which sought to build relationships and reach out to men, bar girls, bar managers, transgender and street kids; the Message is Hope.  He is sadly widowed and has three beautiful daughters and currently lives in Wales, UK.